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Family Business

Supernatural Unofficial Book Project


Hi everybody,

Welcome to the Family Business Project, also know as the Supernatural Unofficial Book Project. 

A project ? A book ? SPN ? 

Yes, like the majority of members of the Supernatural Family, the announce of the last season was.... well it wasn't that great. 

So, I decided to launch a book project. I wanted to do it since a long time, and today seems the perfect time. 

The project : with the help of fans, spn family members (aren't those the same thing?), artists and gishers, I'm collecting fan art and testimonies around the show, the actors and how those 15 years of joy and tears impacted the life of hundreds and hundred of fans all around the world. 

The book is now available on amazon and print on demand. The project is entirely volunteer, neither the editors, translators, graphists, writers and artists will be paid, the cost of the book will only include print and shipping cost. 

Last but not least, the book will be offered to the actors attending the Dark Light Convention by People Convention in Paris, June 2021.

We are putting together a shop to raise money for the actors imprint (without selling a kidney).

If you want to have updates you can  join the Facebook page or/and sign in the newsletter bellow. 

If you have any questions, love messages,  free coffee or new tea flavors, don't hesitate to contact us. 



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